Why Have We Contacted You?

Celtic Research uncovers missing heirs and helps to distribute the assets of a deceased individual to their rightful next-of-kin. This is the reason why we have contacted you, because our research indicates that you, or someone in your family, may have an interest in an inheritance. Please read a Letter of Introduction from one of our solicitors or watch some Video Clips of our work.

In most cases the heirs of an estate are known relatives, such as spouses, children, or beneficiaries named in a will. Unfortunately, sometimes the heirs named in a will can’t be found, or the deceased never wrote a will during his lifetime and has died without leaving any known relatives. If no heirs are located, the assets will be seized by the government.

We will often confirm specific details about what we know about your family, or ask information from you to help us make further enquiries and complete our investigation.

As our progress continues we will need to enter into a contract with each individual heir and we agree to provide you with details in relation to your claim to the estate. In common with other probate researchers, we cannot divulge all the relevant details pertaining to the estate until all the heirs have been contacted and signed a contract.

Once we have received your signed contract we will be able to complete the legal paperwork and submit your claim to the relevant solicitors handling the estate. We will be responsible for providing all the necessary documents to establish your claim.

When your claim is accepted, and the administration complete, the money will be distributed amongst the heirs and at the end of this process we are compensated for our efforts. We do not get paid until you get your inheritance.

Please go to our Fees section of our website to find additional information.

Your Next Step

If you have any other questions you can go to our Glossary & Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us.


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