Estate of Xuan Cheung TRAN

Case Ref: HBTRA0912

We are currently seeking information on the Estate of Xuan Cheung TRAN:

Xuan Cheung TRAN, born 7th July 1930, and who died on 15 August 2011. His last address was at the Brooklyn Residential Home, 22 Nelson Road, Clacton-on-Sea.

Mr. Tran allegedly originated from Vietnam and we are seeking information relating to his exact place of birth and his religion. We hope this information will allow us to locate his baptismal record, which is likely to be in a church, or temple in his home town.

However, Mr. Tran’s name poses a problem: “Cheung” does not exist in Vietnamese. Therefore, we believe his middle name could be either “Chung” or “Chuong”. This may seem like a minor difference to most Westerners, but the names are phonetically distinct in Vietnamese and so it’s important for us to know exactly what name we are looking for.

The local council and the care home have been unable to help us in our inquiries and we’re hoping someone knew him. Perhaps he was known to other Vietnamese people living in the area?

If you can help in any way with the Estate of Xuan Cheung TRAN Contact Us quoting the case reference above.

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