Heir Hunters

Our TV Work:

If we look familiar, it might be because you may have seen us in the BBC1 series “Heir Hunters”. The programme films us as we work to find missing heirs, or recount cases that we’ve worked on –including some that still have us stumped and where we hope YOU will help us crack a case. It’s a family show and everyone can get involved –especially those with long lives and a good memory.

Back in 2004, Celtic Research’s Team began filming Series 1 of a pilot daytime series, which at various points, every network in British Television (including the BBC) had previously rejected.

Since then, we’ve all aged a bit, but the human interest stories that come from the show have been so popular, that the BBC hasn’t really looked back… We’ve made it to a prime time slot and we’re now filming Series 12!

Well, it’s been a long road for us and a lot of time in front of the camera without a personal stylist. Enjoy the clips.


BBC1 “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Mukerji Estate: An Anglo-Indian mix

BBC1 “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 3: Sharpe Estate: Two Brothers Separated by Red Tape

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Valentine Estate: The Scottish Link to Calcutta

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Kutner Estate: A case of changing names

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 4: Gaweda Estate: A Spanish Twist on a Polish Story

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 3: Yale Estate: An Unknown Half-Uncle

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 3: De Keyser Estate: South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Activist

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 1: Foster Estate: A Difficult Case to Crack

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Konigk Estate: Finds a South African connection

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Garner Estate: Records of the Workhouse

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 11: Maclennan Estate: Discovering an unknown sibling

BBC1 “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 3: Casson Estate: An Unexpected Turn of Events

BBC1 “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Sedgebeer Estate: The Hunt Leads To Remote Exmoor Cottage

BBC1 “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Soberg Estate: A Submariner’s Tragic Life Revealed


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