What We Do

Primarily, our business is that of locating missing heirs, which is something that we have been doing for over 47 years and our track record proves that we know how to find people and recover unclaimed assets. However, we also engage in anti-fraud work for the probate sector and provide consultancy work for television and other media.


Missing Heir Work

From the information given to us, which is usually sparse and incomplete, we conduct research and construct a family tree. We then locate current contact details of individuals whom we believe have an interest in an estate, and we then hope all this work will lead us to the nearest living kin of a deceased person who has maybe died intestate; or perhaps help us locate the beneficiaries named in a Will who cannot be found.


It is then our responsibility to locate all of the relevant beneficiaries AND all the records that allow us to prove conclusively the relationship between the deceased person and those persons whom we believe to be their lawful next-of-kin.


Fraud Prevention & Administration

As part of our Missing Heir Work, we often facilitate the administration of the estates that we research, but we can also help solicitors, administrators and trustees in the following ways:


– Combat probate fraud by verifying the individuals who are set to be distributed assets from an estate to ensure that they are the persons who they claim to be and help asset holders comply with their anti-money-laundering protocols

– Prevent creditor fraud by ensuring that any beneficiaries to an estate are checked for bankruptcies

– Provide a genealogy report to secure missing beneficiary and/or missing Will insurance, preventing beneficiary fraud and protecting estates after distribution


Media Consultancy Work

The Team at Celtic Research has also provided research expertise for TV production companies and other media agencies over the years. We have worked as Genealogical Consultants for the Granada TV show: “Find a Fortune,” with Carol Vorderman; as well as the US syndicated show, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’. We’ve also featured in the BBC1 television series: “Heir Hunters”, which ran for 12 seasons. View Some Clips from the series!