Case Work

We are willing to investigate any available cases, but due to the amount of work that we are undertaking, we have to set a lower limit of £10,000 GBP in value. Please note that we are unable to accept requests for ‘Family History’ research from members of the public if they are unconnected to missing heir work.

Below have some examples of our work, but although the estates were vastly different, we took as much trouble with the first as we did with the second. Download some Video Clips in our Press page to see us in action!

Case 1

We were asked to do a small case in Mid-Wales. The deceased had worked in a garage and then worked filling up holes in the road until he retired. When he died, his sole asset was a small house. A local family had brought him up but it was known that they weren’t his blood relatives. All we knew was his age and his birth-name. From that, we identified his birth and found that he was the oldest child in a family of five! He was born in Wales, as were twin brothers a little younger than him. The rest of the family were born near London. For some reason, when his parents moved back to England, they left him behind. When we found the other siblings they had no idea that they had ever had an older brother.

Case 2

A lady died in California. Some months before she died she had carefully gone over her financial situation and made a holographic will leaving her real estate to her stepchildren. However, shortly before her death, her three sisters died, one after the other each estate tipping over into the next sister’s estate until the estate of the Californian lady benefited to the extent of several million dollars! She and her sisters had been born in Canada and their father was the youngest son of a titled English family. The research for this case took only a few weeks before we found her cousins in England. One cousin was married to a Count, another to a German Baron and another married into a family with close personal links to the British Royal Family.