• Cushing Forensic Genealogy

    “Our firm has successfully worked with Hector Birchwood of Celtic Research in resolving numerous family legacies. Hector and his team have always shown the highest level of professionalism to all details of the work that they perform, often finding heirs that would otherwise have remained lost forever.  He is tireless,…

  • Quality Research

    “I really appreciate what you have found for us and will call on you ANYTIME I have work in your area.” Steve Kopp, 2013 Quality Research www.qrsk.net

  • Hugh Anton-Stephens Notary Public

    “We have worked with Celtic Research on the administration of a large number of intestate estates and are always impressed with the thoroughness of their research, in the UK, Europe and worldwide. They attend to the administrative side of the process efficiently and effectively, while at the same time being…

  • Linder Myers LLP

    “We have worked with Peter and Hector and their team for several years now and have always found them to be professional, offering good quality services”. Neil Davies Linder Myers LLP, 2013 www.lindermyers.co.uk

  • Gibson Kerr Law & Property

    “Celtic Research has provided genealogy services in a number of Scottish intestate estates that my firm has dealt with over the last five years. They are always very thorough in their research and provide the information that we require to deal with the estate and to satisfy the court that the…

  • Buro Fur, Austria

    “For two decades, we have been able to assist more than 2,300 persons to settle their claims. Essential for this success has been our excellent network of correspondents situated in almost all countries over the word. One of our most efficient partners is Celtic Research.” Michael Nemec, Buro Fur, Austria,…

  • W.C. Cox & Company, USA

    We have had the pleasure of working with Celtic Research for numerous years. All estate matters have been handled with the utmost professional courtesy, confidentiality and expediency. We highly recommend Celtic Research for any genealogical probate and research matters.” Lee Cox, President, W.C. Cox & Company, USA, 2013 www.wccox.com

  • Konekta, Slovakia

    “Celtic Research has been our most reliable and honest Partner for many years. It is a pleasure and a satisfaction to work with them. Their qualities are not easy to find in this industry.” Vladimir Bohinc, Konekta, Slovakia www.konekta.sk

  • Granada Television

    “I would also like to thank you for all your help in the making of this item on “Find a Fortune.” We were all very happy with the result of the programme and it generated a huge response from our viewers.” Granada Television, England