• Mr. Hooper, England, 2010

    “I just wanted to thank you for locating and pursuing this matter. It didn’t turn out to be a Kings ransom, but better we have it than the Treasury. I think my siblings are going to go to Centre Parcs with our cash and whilst we’re there we’ll toast Great…

  • Mr. A. W., Sandown, Isle of Wight, 2013

    “Thank you for all the efforts that you and your staff have made on my behalf over my legacy. Quite simply, if it hadn’t been for you, I would almost certainly never have known anything about it, and this very welcome addition to our family coffers would have been lost.…

  • Mr. B. Sposito, Glamorgan, 2010

    “Please accept my belated thanks for your letter and family tree of the Jeffrey Ronald Sposito. The tree was very interesting, and contained information of which I was unaware. I was surprised to see my great grandfather married twice, which led to the birth of his grandson, and the source…

  • Mrs. Taylor, Worcestershire, 2013

    “Thank you very much for tracing me and enabling me to inherit over £17,000, from the estate of V. J. A. Jones. My daughter is getting married soon, so this has come at a most convenient time.”

  • Mr. R. Gaweda, Spain, 2009

    “Una vez más quiero felicitarle por el buen trabajo que ha realizado y le ofrezco mi nombre como testimonio satisfecho por los resultados y la profesionalidad de Celtic Research”

  • Mr. A.S. Stewart, Scotland, 2010

    “I wish to confirm receipt of cheque for which I am very grateful. It was quite unexpected. I have… a son and… daughter, who will benefit from the windfall in the future. I am now in my 90s and will benefit from the cash for a few years yet (I…

  • Mr. R. Bowden, Gloucestershire, 2011

    “I was recently in receipt of a cheque, representing my share in the estate of R. J. Nutt. Thanks a lot Phil, for tracing me, and for the work put in, on my behalf, and those of others related to this estate.”

  • Buro Fur, Austria

    “For two decades, we have been able to assist more than 2,300 persons to settle their claims. Essential for this success has been our excellent network of correspondents situated in almost all countries over the word. One of our most efficient partners is Celtic Research.” Michael Nemec, Buro Fur, Austria,…

  • W.C. Cox & Company, USA

    We have had the pleasure of working with Celtic Research for numerous years. All estate matters have been handled with the utmost professional courtesy, confidentiality and expediency. We highly recommend Celtic Research for any genealogical probate and research matters.” Lee Cox, President, W.C. Cox & Company, USA, 2013 www.wccox.com