Fixed Fees

On occasion, in order to facilitate the administration of an estate, a solicitor arranges to pay us a fixed fee for our work. Our work may involve locating a missing individual named in a will, or finding descendants of a missing family branch.

Our fixed fee rates are calculated on an hourly basis, plus direct research costs. However, each search varies in complexity and time so each request has to be assessed on an individual basis. Below is a breakdown of our basic fee structure, but please contact us with your research parameters and we will reply with a quote.

Researcher: £65 GBP per hour + disbursements*

Senior Researcher: £85 GBP per hour + disbursements*

Partner: £200 GBP per hour + disbursements*

*Fixed fee projects will require an advance payment to be held on account. Our fees will be deducted from this client account and any unused funds will be returned.