In The Press

Below we have a selection of news clippings, but you can also watch Video Clips and read client Testimonials:


“Rogue operator unlawfully takes our clients’ money” The Telegraph, 28 August 2019 (Click here for article)
“Celtic Research proves estate’s money given to wrong heirs” The Sunday Telegraph, 12 December 2018 (Click here for article)
“Next of kin lose out… as local authorities outsource heir hunters” The Sunday Telegraph, 28 October 2018 (Click here for article)
“Beware the ‘heir hunters’ who will pocket your windfall” The Sunday Telegraph, 09 September 2018 (Click here for article)
“UK’s Jewish ‘heir hunter’ tracks down missing relatives who now stand to inherit” The Times of Israel, 25 November 2017 (Click here for article)
“Take Control: Write A Will” LSE Alumni Magazine, Summer 2017 (Click here for article)
“Secrets of ‘Heir Hunters’: TV’s genealogy tips for probate” Family Tree, 05 December 2013 (Click here for article)
“Unclaimed Millions – hunt on for Irish heirs to £10m” The Irish Post, 29 April 2013 (Click here for article)
“Squatter Scandal” The Reading Chronicle, 12 February 2012
(Click here for article)
“Hoar Oak Cottage Website” Related to Heir Hunters BBC Series 5, Episode 14. Added: October 2011 (Click here for article)
“Heir Hunters’ Fees Debate” Letter to Editor, YHF July 2011 (Click here for article)
“The Right Balance: What is the Appropriate Fee?” Unpublished Response to YHF Article 12 March 2011 (Click here for article)
“The family behind television’s Heir Hunters”Wales On Sunday: 26 December, 2010 (Click here for article)
“Meet the ancestors with heir hunter Saul” Jewish News: 11 February, 2010 (Click here for article)
“Gibson Kerr Helps Track Down Lost Fortunes” Press Release: 06 November, 2009
(Click here for article)
“Life After the City: Hector Birchwood” Financial News: 26 October, 2009
(Click here for article)
“Heir Raising” Interview with Hector Birchwood Brummell Magazine: October, 2009 (Click here for article)
 “If you meet this man, you might be rich soon…” County Times: Week of 06 July, 2009
(Click here for article)
“BBC1 TV Series ‘Heir Hunters’ Features Celtic Research ” Press Release: 01 July, 2009
(Click here for article)
“Wolverhampton Ring Road Tramp Not a Nazi’ Celtic Research uncovers the mystery” Birmingham Post: 17 March, 2008
(Click here for article)
“BBC1 TV Series ‘Heir Hunters’ Features Celtic Research “ Press Release: 04 June, 2007
(Click here for article)
“Celtic Research Helps Find Heir to 2 Million Euro Unclaimed Fortune” Press Release: 01 October, 2005
(Click here for article)
“Pauper leaves £100,000 unclaimed” BBC TV & Internet News: 24 September, 2003
(Click here for article)
“£100,000 riddle of hero recluse” Brighton Argus: 22 September, 2003
 (Click here for article)
HARD WORK PAYS OFF AS PETER UNLOCKS KEY TO A FORTUNE A Machynlleth-based genealogist has traced the heirs to one of Britain’s biggest unclaimed fortunes.” Cambrian News 15 February, 2001
“Long search for family pays off to tune of £1m” Irish Independent, 19th August, 1999 (Click here for article)
 “Eccentric’s Fortune May Ease Chancellor’s Burden” The Times: 19 October, 1983  (Click here for article)