Meet The Team

Each one of us acts as a Case Manager, so you can be sure that the person responsible for the research in your case is also your primary contact. At times, two or more of our offices will be engaged in the same case to give you the best service, but you will always have a direct point of contact that will be responsible for you as our client.

Peter Birchwood Senior Partner (HQ North Wales)- Head of UK & Irish Research
Hector Birchwood Partner (London)- Head of International Research
Louise Baldock Case Manager (North East) UK
Raúl Castro Associate (El Salvador) Central America
Rex Chester Associate (North East) UK
Rene Gutierrez Associate (Spain)- Spain & Canary Islands
Phil Jennings Part-time Consultant (Wales & South West)- South Wales, South West England & South Africa
John Kelly Associate (Ireland) UK & Ireland
Chris Tennant Associate (London) UK, Ireland & International Research

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