PETER BIRCHWOOD – Senior Partner (Head of UK & Irish Research)

Peter-BirchwoodDrives a Freelander 2 which is useful for handling the worst weather Wales can muster – and running around Ireland, which is something he does regularly. Peter has been an avid reader since his mother taught him how to read. He has a BIG library and thinks one of the finest inventions is the e-book, which saves him lugging a dozen books on holiday. He also likes cats (And who doesn’t?), but he says: “You don’t ‘own’ a cat; you just give it free accommodation until it gets tired of you.”



Heir Hunters Appearances

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme Series 5: Mukerji Estate: An Anglo-Indian mix

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 3: Sharpe Estate: Two Brothers Separated by Red Tape

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 6: Webbe Estate: Evans Family Search in the Rhondda Valley