PHIL JENNINGS – Part-Time Consultant (South Wales, South West England & South Africa)

Phil-JenningsPhil is semi-retired and when he’s not helping us solve cases in Southern Africa, he spends quality time with his family, spoiling his grandchildren with sweets. Phil has a passion for history and needs to keep his mind busy, so he’s usually solving mysteries of one sort or another… like: ‘Where did the car keys get to?’ And: ‘Who ate my buttermilk rusk?’ He can often be found visiting castles and other historical sites and enjoys going on holiday cruises to far off places with his wife, Cynthia. He supports the Springboks, but he assures us: ‘That’s never the case when they play England –or Wales!’


Heir Hunters Appearances

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme Series 5: Konigk Estate: Finds a South African connection

BBC1’s “Heir Hunters” Programme – Series 5: Garner Estate: Records of the Workhouse