4. Testimonials,  6. What They Say About Us

Mr. Irish, Devon, England 2014

“I am the administrator of an intestate estate. The deceased was a relative who was a spinster with no siblings. She had outlived her parents by many years and the only heirs would be found from the issue of paternal and maternal aunts and uncles. Eventually, I found 21 beneficiaries including myself. I contacted Saul Marks of Celtic Research who I had seen on the BBC programme, “Heir Hunters”, for advice on where I should go next.

I was immediately impressed by his friendliness and professionalism. He offered to repeat the search from afresh for corroboratory purposes and to prepare family trees for both sides of the family. He offered to do this for a fixed fee that I could not refuse. This was done speedily and thoroughly. Although it confirmed my own findings it was money well spent and turned out to be a prerequisite for obtaining the further comfort of Missing Beneficiary Insurance. In summary, I was impressed by their friendliness, thoroughness and value for money.”