Solicitors and Trustees

Solicitors & Trustees

Celtic Research can provide a number of services to Solicitors, Trustees, Custodians, Local Authorities; as well as Private Individuals acting as Executors and Administrators, in order to help them meet their obligation to settle an estate. Our specialised probate services include identifying and locating:

– Next-of-kin in public authority funeral and death-in-tenancy cases
– Legal beneficiaries in cases of intestacy
– Missing heirs named in wills
– Missing shareholders
– Pension fund holders and their legal beneficiaries
– Relevant vital records and other evidentiary documents

Our investigative expertise has allowed us to resolve the most complex and challenging Case Work and we are confident we can provide you with the highest quality research. Our Fees can be determined by contingency agreements or fixed by hourly rates to fit most budgets.

Please contact us for more information and rest assured we will handle each query with the utmost discretion.